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Welcome to the Chasing Lydia website!

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  • Articles

    Posts that center around my family and extended family genealogy including: interesting tidbits found during my ten years of family history research, reminisces of my childhood, and a few articles on preservation of family memorabilia.

  • Genealogy

    Articles on my family history, research notes, discussions on commonly seen errors in the existing genealogy of my family lines. and a few tips and tricks for beginner genealogists. There are also surname lists, and biographies of some of my key ancestors to help you get to know my people.

  • Preservation

    A few articles I wrote on preserving family memorabilia. Written in a style that offers plenty of preservation facts without (I hope) being overwhelming. They include resource lists and safe but budget conscious options for us regular folk.

  • The Family Tree

    An interactive database of all my family genealogy, research notes, and sources. Currently you must a family member to login to the database but you can see a list of surnames by selecting Blog > Genealogy from the menu.

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  • image of surnames of my direct ancestors on aged parchment

    A Surname List of My Ancestors

    Lists of my direct line ancestors, grouped by line and locale, and a list of all surnames in my database.
    Seznamy mých přímých předků linie, seskupené podle řádku a locale, a seznam všech příjmení v mém databázi.
    Listen meiner direkten Vorfahren, gruppiert nach Linie und Gebietsschema, und eine Liste aller Nachnamen in meiner Datenbank.

    By paw | 9 May 2016

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  • image of a blue butterfly and an armadillo

    Torturing Words

    When Dale and I were kids we always called milk: muck luck or klim (milk spelled backwards). When Mom butchered a word though , it was almost always due to regional influences. She grew up between Seattle, Washington and Ottumwa, Iowa so one of those places was responsible for her saying warsh instead of wash. I […]

    By paw | 10 February 2017

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  • Congratulations! You’re H6a1a

    Not too long ago I decided to have a full sequence mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test done with FamilyTreeDNA. A simple cheek swab and a few weeks later I got the results: Haplogroup H61a1. How cool is that? That haplogroup is one of the oldest subclads of haplogroup H. Found in most of Europe , […]

    By paw | 9 February 2017

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  • Fan Chart of My Ancestors

    Below is a fan chart showing my direct line ancestors. It was created with MacFamilyTree software.
    Níže je uveden graf znázorňující fanoušek své přímé předky řádku. To bylo vytvořeno pomocí softwaru MacFamilyTree.
    Unten ist ein Fan-Diagramm mit meiner direkten Linie Vorfahren. Es wurde mit MacFamilyTree Software erstellt.

    By paw | 8 February 2017

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